Humanism… the mother ideology of all modern ideologies and the religion of our times. To humanism can be attributed the fact that no big novels or epics can be written anymore. The reason why we need to jeopardize our countries safety for the right of individuals. The reason why most lives of law-abiding citizens are put in danger for the benefit of, what some have called, the more beautiful human beings. Humanism is the basis of the ideology of communism, socialism, conservativism, libertarianism and yes even nationalism, traditionalism and national socialism! No ideology, even from the ones that can be to our benefit, is free from its touch.

But what is that ideology? The Baron says that it is not an ideology… but a religion! And a sacrilegious at that. This is true for one reason: its main thesis is not political or ideological but deeply philosophical to the point that it becomes a matter or theology. But to understand its rise one needs to see when and where it did arise.

Humanism was a worldview that started to appear sometime during the renaissance in Italy. Italy was the first place that started to see truly secular rulership in Europe at that time and the classic conceptions of the world at that time were all antithetical to it. The question at that time was how these rulers could legitimize themselves? The beliefs of the time saw the hegemon as the head to the whole societal structure, divinely connected to all its parts by the grace that was given to him by God. Instead the secular leader of the time was in it for himself and his family only. Humanism could give that much needed legitimacy.

Humanism concerns itself with the question of mans position on the cosmos. The cosmological make-up at that time considered everything stemming from God and all being under Him. This Theocentric point-of-view had to see every single thing as a part of a divine and holy construction that was connected to everything else by the grace of God. This belief was also transplanted to represent the structure of society. Humanism, as the name suggest, was a religion that basically put Man to the place of God, sporting and anthropocentric point-of-view, from which every thing had to be centered on pleasing Man.

This might sound well in its concept… but faces serious problem when analyzed a further. Notice that “Man” was put instead of “human”, by semantics, what is the difference? Quality! “Man” is a theoretic construct a divination of humans in the idea of a clearly perfect human. Applying a philosophy that wants to please the perfect human, and ascribes willingly or unwillingly this quality to all its adherents, while simultaneously giving the quality of a non-human to all its non-adherents, in the Baron’s book is a little bit problematic. Understand that the reason why modern liberals seek to dehumanise immediately all their opponents to the ultimate degree, is because they ascribe to this principle. This is needed because in the humanist book there can be no evil or bad man, if one is evil or bad he is not a human, while if one recognises one such in his own group… he must be mistaken.

Humanism though in its time managed to only bring a start to the slave trade from Africa, it proved very difficult for itself to spread to other countries or to wide societal strata. This changed during the enlightenment! During its time  humanist ideologies that could and today have managed to obtain popular support started to sprout left and right like mushrooms.

The Blues in France treated non-republicans as non-humans and proceeded to slaughter them all leading to the reign of terror and culminating to the events of the Vendee (google it)! By an even worse point the Enlighteners DID NOT see the shortcomings of their own ideologies! They saw human rights, democracy as gods that cannot be questioned and have no problem that is intrinsic to them. The reign of terror as was described by sir Edmund Burke was a time in which total chaos ruled. There was no law, just the complete domination of human rights and republican values. This meant that people used their human rights to refuse to pay rent or taxes and there was no way by which they could be challenged. The rise of man like Napoleon at that time was inevitable as not only the corruption of the Republicans was evident their ability to keep control of the country was clearly visible.

These results occured because Humanism has next to idea of the human condition, the innate qualities of humans and the differences between people! Humanism considers humans as equal and perfect beings in the flesh that are incorruptible by themselves! Rousseau managed to spindoctor his way on the idea that society and its values, pre-humanist at that time, were the corruptors of human nature! By this way more mores, values and constants were removed the result in our time being evident everywhere! Open borders, loose morals and in the end the inability for the average human in our societies to orient themselves in the dessert landscape that is the modern moral and thinking world!

Lastly these influences do not stop on the moral world but also the political: democracy is god and even finding its inefficiencies and pointing them out is anathema and the man who points these out is a non-human a fascist, to use the modern phraseology, who needs to be dealt with and swiftly at that. A Humanist-based system can NOT be ever put under question: liberty, equality and fraternity, no matter how they can be seen cannot be questioned and if they have problems it is your problem for noticing them!

The intrinsic problem of humanism is that it fails to notice extrinsic values and influences. The environment, the way-of-things and nature are not being put in consideration. It cares only what humans want and pinpoints them as gods. Unlike pre-humanistic conceptions of the world that saw  complex multi-parted structures, extrinsically connected to form the whole of their objects, humanism’s scope is too small for that and instead sees masses of blobs made of equal exchangeable parts that have no difference between themselves. Democracy, liberalism, socialism etc can work as long as everyone is a perfect construct that is interchangeable with the next one because these systems have daring problems inside them that are easily exploitable it is a matter of when this happens, not if. Glaringly Humanistic based ideologies fail to notice the points that are exploitable and the ways that these are exploitable.

The only way for the mistakes of the past not to happen again we need to throw humanism out of the window even gradually but it is something that is needed to be done.


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